Lease: Check

After countless searches and emails, along with Little’s advice in mind, I took off work and booked my next trip up to NYC in hopes of finding my apartment. This time around I decided to go by myself—my mom wasn’t too happy. It wasn’t about her though, it’s the fact that I was about to be making this big move and part of why I felt so numb was because I was afraid—so I felt like I needed to embrace that fear and fly solo in my quest.

When my bus speedily approached the section of the Turnpike where the skyline first begins to appear, I started to feel something. It was that little hint of excitement that told me everything I needed to know—my dream was still alive and well.

To keep it short, here’s what happened:

  • Got to see V’s (one of my best friends from home) apartment—lucky bish living in Murray Hill. J
  • Met the love of her life for the very first time and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
  • Had some of the best NY pizza on the East side—oh, ricotta, pepperoni and basil, how I love thee 
  • Couldn’t sleep due to TONS of anticipation and excitement.
  • Went to Queens for the first time—okay—not Manhattan, but there’s a certain charm about it.
  • Met Katie—it was roommate fate J
  • After looking at tons of apartments and being told that we didn’t qualify and would never find a place and blah blah blah—we found THE one!
  • Paperwork
  • P a p e r w o r k
  • P A P E R W O R K K K K K
  • Move-in date was set
  • Excitement ensued
  • Alcohol ensued
  • The biggest sigh of relief

Time to Make Moves

Apartment Search Success!