Piper's (and My) Epiphany

Like most of you, as soon as I found out that Orange Is the New Black had an early release, it became my number one priority of the evening on Thursday. There’s just something about the women of Litchfield that draws me in and works not only as a space to entertain me, but also to enlighten me.

Take Season 3, Episode 2, for example. After a number of events (I won’t go into detail because I’ve learned not to be a spoiler after I watched Joffrey get killed off in GoT W E E K S after it happened and when I posted about it…well lets just say quite a few people lost their ish) anyways, back to Orange…after everything that had transpired, Piper and Red were in their cell (even though I don’t think their cubicles can really be considered such because as shitty as it is to be in prison, the fact that they’re not on 24-hour confinement to an 8×8 is pretty grand)…again, back to the point–there they are, recognizing their animosity and in the midst of it all, Piper realizes that she’s like her mother (someone she doesn’t exactly aspire to be like in all  aspects of life) and Red tells her that she needs to be black and white, at which point Piper realizes “no more bullshit.”

Cue the epiphany.

Isn’t it funny (but not) how we can be so agitated by the way some people (even those closest to us) act, only then to realize that we may be guilty of those same actions?

Hear me out.

It’s pretty simple to pick out the poor in people, to play up their downfalls and ultimately let it annoy you, make you want to gossip about it or just turn away all together. What’s not easy is recognizing that some of the things that we find so cringeworthy in others are ultimately traits that may lie dormant in ourselves. Give my mother for example; God knows I love that woman to pieces and would truly be lost without everything she has done to raise me to be the woman I am today; but God also knows that there are times when she drives me so batty insane with her good-intentioned incessant inquisitions (“Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “Have you hung that shower curtain yet?” “Make sure you’re careful.” “Did you make a list of all the laundry that you took to the cleaners so you know it’s all there?” or the ever occurring  **Oh, you haven’t answered your phone, guess that means I should call about six more times because you live in New York City so the obvious explanation is that you’re floating face down in the East River**…you get the idea) that it takes nearly every ounce of my e x t r e m e l y impatient soul to not lose it.
Like Piper, I realized I was just like my Mom (that’s no shock though, because I’ve always been referred to as her “Mini Me,” and generally I take it as a compliment)–so yeah, in some ways thats a great thing and in some ways (the worrying, always wants to talk, but not necessarily listen/insatiable sweet tooth that’s going to put all exercising efforts to shame/caring too much(but, hey, in the big scheme of things, these things really aren’t the end of the world)) not so much. Taking the time to recognize how impatient I am with my mother, opened my eyes to another situation–how many questions I usually ask and how impatient certain people (we won’t name names…but y’all know) were with me. You see, when people ask questions, they generally mean well and just want to talk to you. So, how is that a problem or something to get upset over? Well, realizing the way that it’s happened to me and then transgressed onto my mom through my own actions made me realize a couple things: 1) it’s true that we’re most like the people that we interact with the most (no wonder I’m such a worry wart, inquisitve, talkaholic–but it’s also no wonder that I turned out to be such a go-getter or how I’ll go out of my way to help you out despite being crazy busy or always being curious as to how you’re doing, etc. (thanks, Ma, I am who I am largely in part to you.)), 2) believe it or not, it’s easy to forget to treat other people how you want to be treated (sorry I’ve treated you the way that has hurt me in the past when it comes to getting annoyed by you always wanting me to be a text or call away–but at the end of the day, please know that I ALWAYS will be, no matter what (even if I can’t respond until after brunch), and 3) when we have these realizations of our actions and behaviors and if they resonate with anything but goodness, then we are the only ones who have the ability to make some sort of necessary change to atone the situation.

That being said, as cheesy as it may sound, I went to the shop at Golden Bridge Yoga School where I had seen these teeny Soul Ku Soul-Full of LIGHT necklaces that all have different meanings when I went to find my new yoga mat. After immediately being drawn to a turquoise one a couple weeks ago that stood for “Patience and Calm Communication,” not being able to stop thinking about it after not buying it and then the realization brought on by OITNB, I figured it might make a worthy purchase.

Which brings us to today–since buying it, I wear it religiously and it’s this simple little reminder to own my shortcomings–to try to be a little more patient, a little less analytical, a little more open-minded, a little more understanding…and, like Piper, a little less attuned to the bull shit. After all, we only have this one life to make the very most of and if we are capable of bettering ourselves and welcoming in the world and peoples’ intentions for exactly what they are and not simply what we want them to be then we will most certainly be more capable of adding a little more light to our own lives and to the lives of those around us, as well.

So, thanks Piper, you’re a doll. I’ll be sure to watch you tonight…and tomorrow…and the next day…and knowing me, that will probably be all that it takes to whizz through the season because girl, I’m addicted. Bring on muchos epiphanies(Crazy Eyes madness, Pensatucky foolishness, Poussey’s words of wisdom, and please, for the love of God, another hit song from the one and only Taystee) por favor.

**Side note: because we’re unbelievably similar and I know that means you’ll look too much into this–I love you Mom, always have, always will–love you, need you, never ever leave you.**

**Second side note: I am agnostic. Please do not look into my use of “God” in my posts, because it’s simply a form of expression. Heaven knows I believe in something though.**


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