That NYC Tattoo Convention, Though...

Saturday was awesome—1) I went to the NYC 18th Annual Tattoo Convention and 2) I  F I N A L L Y  FOUND MY ARTIST!

Okay, so, it’s pretty obvious as to why it’s so awesome that I found my artist…For quite some time now I have wanted to get inked with watercolor(of course I would choose one of the most controversial tattooing techniques…). Due to the fact that the tattoo will be highly pigmented without the presence of black lines, it is often feared that the tattoo will turn into what looks like a bruise ten years down the road. As a result, when Google searching watercolor artists, even in a place as bustling and in the center of the industry as New York City, it’s nearly impossible to find watercolor portfolios worthy of making an appointment —OR—finding a place that will charge a reasonable rate. So many of the places that I had looked into I contacted simply because they knew how to work with varying colors in a way that looked like it could translate into watercolor well (even if they didn’t specifically specialize in it). And since I kept coming across places that weren’t even pros at what I wanted and were charging $700+ for a three-inch tattoo, I decided that the NYC Tattoo Convention would be my final hoorah in my search (because quite frankly I was getting impatient and wasting my nights looking for something that seemed nearly impossible to find was getting pretty annoying).

So, there I was, Saturday early afternoon post-workout, with nothing on my to-do list—“well, they’re only in town for the weekend, I might as well go talk to the artists I’ve been in touch with…”

A hop on the N and a short walk across town from the 23rd Street stop later, I was standing in front of the Convention. And, that’s when it hit me—in the process of searching for something that has meant so much to me (my soon to be new ink), I had forgotten to get caught up in anxieties of doing so alone.

Since moving to this crazy, beautiful city I have made it my goal to get as comfortable as humanly possible to do things on my own and truly embrace what it means to be i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t. Where I once wouldn’t be caught dead even walking to the bathroom by myself at a bar, I now go to full events (conventions, and all) by myself. And the best part? It doesn’t even phase me. After the fact when I’m talking to people about what I did over the weekend, they sometimes ask why I didn’t invite them and it’s simple—I didn’t feel the need. Sure, it would’ve been cool to share it with my friends and had they asked me what I was doing I would’ve told them and invited them along, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood to go out of my way to lag through the hassle of making plans and all that entails. Sometimes, I just want to do me— that’s a first—and I’m digging it.

**Oh, and the tattoo, I’m in the process of finalizing my appointment and deposit. So, SO, SOOO Hype**

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