It's Been a Bit...

Alright y’all, it’s been a whirlwind of a week and I haven’t been able to write as much as I would’ve liked. It’s been another one of those weeks where I’ve had all this inspiration and positivity, but no time to share it with the blogosphere.

So, shall we recap?

Last Monday night, after receiving criticism for simply showcasing all of my hard work over the past few months coming to fruition, I decided to write about it. What started out as a bit of a rant directed at people who are close to me yet continue to judge(I still don’t really understand the logic behind that), turned into a post that I wanted to share with the world (at least after my sister insisted that I share it).

To begin with, I had posted my blog to WP alone because I didn’t feel like dealing with people making careless comments about what the picture I uploaded portrayed about my lifestyle and the person that I am in general (honestly, people need to think before they speak and especially before they judge).  Anyways, there it sat, waiting to be seen only by the few followers I had and the casual blog passerby. But by the time I was sleepily reaching to shut off my alarm and get my butt out of bed and on the way to yoga, something crazy had happened.

Overnight, my blog amassed 1000+ views, 870 unique visitors and went from being received in three countries to 47. Then I got on Twitter and realized that my all time fitness inspiration, Michelle Lewin, not only re-tweeted my blog, but followed me (at this point I was euphoric). As I made my way downtown to my studio, I was in the best possible mood as notification after notification popped up on my phone. Family, friends, friends-of-friends, people I had never met were sharing and commenting on my blog.

I was overjoyed. I was overwhelmed. I was dumbfounded. I was on top of the world.

And I stayed that way for three days as my blog continued to make its rounds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, maxing out at a couple thousand views a day; as it was shared over and over and over again; even as people at work started to ask me about it. But, like all good things, it had to come to an end—at least in the sense of being viral.

Yesterday, however, almost a week later, I was on my way to coffee to meet up with an old friend when I was approached on the street by a guy around my age. He apologized for holding me up but asked if I had a fitness blog because I looked incredibly familiar.

It turns out; he too, saw my post.

I have to say, as long as I have been a writer; I never considered the idea of writing something that would resonate so well with so many. And, to be honest, I’m glad I never did because that meant I never had an expectation of what it would feel like—and let me tell you, it felt better than I could have ever imagined.

(Now the trick is to get over this feeling/fear that I will never be able to write anything as click-worthy again…)

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Namaste Y'all