More Than Meets the Eye

I was talking to a friend last night when I told him that I doubt he has trouble with the ladies. After hitting send I immediately regretted it…well not really because no regrets and all that, right? But all of a sudden all these memories of times when guys have said that to me started to surface and as a result I felt super insensitive for saying it.

His response?

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean they want to date me for it.”

In my experience, people say these things and I just sit there like “………..wish other people thought the same way.” And even though that’s what I’m thinking, I tend to just keep that to myself and laugh it off instead, because nobody likes a Debbie Downer. But the thing is, when people say these things to us, our minds start turning and wondering why we couldn’t keep the person we cared about so much or if we have been lucky enough to keep them, why we have problems regardless. We think about times we’ve been turned down; made to feel like we’re not enough—how we look, talk, have fun, argue, over think, react…you name it. And we wonder why people think we would have no problems and they must just be trying to be nice without actually meaning it.

But here’s the thing—and I realized this late last night when I was in bed but just couldn’t fall asleep—when people say these things, maybe they just see something in you that others (and even you) fail to.

And that’s pretty uplifting.

So do your best to keep your head up and I’ll try my best to take my own advice, because without a doubt there’s someone out there who sees the absolute best in you despite the issues you have (because, lets face it, we all have them), accepts you exactly as you are and, as my big sister says, who’s crazy mixes well with yours. So, when people suggest there’s no way you have any issues in the business of relationships, just take it as a compliment and realize that there’s more to you than meets the eye and do your best to stop seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who didn’t realize that.

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