Runner's High

Y’all…I cannot even begin to explain to you the level of pure bliss I am experiencing right now.

No, I’m not high…but then again, I guess I am–up,up,up on that runner strand.

I’ve always been a Nike girl, but after giving in to quality running shoes for this half–I finally understand the Asics hype…and they’re mermaid colors–so there’s that.

Okay, let’s recap:

  1. I have never been a runner.
  2. I’ve always been the girl who lifts and scoffs at the idea of cardio altogether.
  3. When I decided to challenge myself to 30 days alcohol-free (yup, I’m still going strong and only have 8 days left!), I decided I might as well up the ante and challenge myself to 30 days of Ashtanga Yoga and training for a half marathon.
  4. Before committing to this I had never ran more than 3.21 miles (and even then I ran that I took mini breaks…)
  5. I am not fast.
  6. But I’ve learned to be steady.
  7. There are days where I would much rather not run and eat pizza instead.
  8. But then I lace up and run anyways.
  9. And then I realize I live in NYC and it’s a cruel world where you’re running amidst the delicious scents of some of the best pizza in the world…
  10. Today was one of those days.

Okay, on the real though–I REALLY did not want to run today. Before leaving my office I had made up my mind that my body felt physically tired and that I would opt out of my miles and in for OITNB and Italian delivery. As I got off the subway I saw a girl in running gear and started to feel that slight tinge of guilt I get every time I’m about to commit premeditated training abandonment. As I strolled down 23rd, I grabbed a to-go menu from an Italian spot that’s supposed to be wicked good and was on my merry way, calculating what I was going to order with my Penne A La Vodka in order to meet the $15 delivery minimum.

And then there was another runner.

And another.

By the time I got home I decided that I would try to go for a run despite what felt like a very tired body, after all even if I was going to be slow, I’d still be lapping everybody on the couch.

Asics laced, playlist set, Nike Running App waiting beneath my trigger finger…

“3-2-1…Beginning Run”

As Eminem serenaded me, I was acutely aware of how slow I was going but figured that if I wanted to last for today’s allotment (4.9 miles), then I was going to have to maintain a slow but steady pace.

BeBe Rexha started singing to me about being a “Loco, maniac, sick bitch, psychopath (LISTEN TO THE SONG BECAUSE IT’S FANTASTIC),”and I realized that I wasn’t breathing like I normally do–in through my nose and out through my mouth. Nope, this time around I was keeping my mouth airtight–I was exercising yoga breathing.

Before I knew it, Nike was telling me that I was halfway to my goal of five miles. How did that happen? It felt like I had just started…

And then I hit five miles and K E P T  G O I N G.

Who was this runner who had magically taken over my body? Where was this coming from? Five miles without stopping…and I wasn’t finished? This was unheard of.

Finally I decided to stop at 6 miles. And how great is that? No, I wasn’t gasping for air. No, I wasn’t going to pass out. No, I wasn’t cramping. Quite simply, I decided to stop.

My mom used to always tell me about her running days and how she could run and run and run and run. She always mentioned this mythical “Runner’s High.”

Okayyyyyy, Mom, sure….

But after tonight, I can, without a single doubt, say that this is no Nessie or Unicorn or Leprechaun (and I fully hope to one day have a life experience that proves those are real too)–the Runner’s High is the real deal, you just have to convince yourself to keep going until you feel it.

Tonight’s Run:

  1. Longest run I have ever logged on Nike Training (or ever ran in general)
  2. I started off slow and managed to pick up my speed with every mile.
  3. By my sixth mile, I ran the fastest distance mile of my life–9:08 (I say distance because I’ve ran a 7:48 for a standalone mile).
  5. Just do it and then do it again (tomorrow, maybe?)

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